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Diet and Oral Health

Eating affects your oral health
The reality is our eating habits play a major role in tooth decay, which is
a diet related disease. Sugars in the food and drinks we eat are taken up
by bacteria, producing acids that attack the outer layer of tooth enamel
to cause decay.
Our saliva helps our teeth recover from these attacks through a process
neutralising the acids. However, if we frequently snack between meals,
there is no rest period for teeth to undergo this recovery process, which
means that, over time, a cavity forms as a result of these sustained acid

Water, water everywhere
Drink it up! It’s calorie free, there are no ingredient labels to stress over,
and it’s almost free! Even better, tap water in most areas of Australia
contains fluoride, one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to help
prevent tooth decay. Making water your beverage of choice and
regularly sipping it throughout the day, including with and right after
meals, makes a real difference to the health of your teeth.

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