Gentle and caring teeth & gum health maintenance.

Flossing extras

Your dentist may also recommend using the following items to
complement your flossing regimen:
Interdental cleaners

Resembling bottle brushes and available in a
range of different widths, these cleaners are often more suitable to
use than floss if you have large gaps between your teeth. They’re also
a great option if you have braces, missing teeth or gum disease. Your
dentist can advise the correct size to use.

These are electrical devices that use a steady stream of
water to remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth
and below your gum line.
Interdental tips

Flexible rubber tips that run gently along the gum
line to clean away plaque and food from between your teeth and
below your gum line.

If you have Braces.

If you have braces, a bridge, or implants it is extremely important
to floss correctly and regularly. You may need to use a greater floss
width, incorporate interdental cleaners into your flossing routine, or
use a floss threader to reach difficult areas around braces or bridges.
Your dentist will demonstrate the correct flossing technique and
discuss the best options for your situation.

Always speak to your dentist before using any type of interdental aid
because if used incorrectly they can damage your gums.

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