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Cosmetic Dentistry

The term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is used to describe any elective procedure that aims to make your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

With the range of materials and technology available, all dentistry should be aesthetic, a blend of art and science providing a smile which is healthy, functional, beautiful and long lasting. Treatment can include replacement of amalgam fillings with aesthetic tooth coloured composite fillings, tooth whitening, bonding and porcelain veneers through to crowns, bridges and implants.

General & Restorative Dentistry

Oral health examinations, dental hygiene and fillings are some of the common procedures you may experience on your trip to the dentist, as well as more advanced treatment including crowns, bridges and implants.

A considerable number of people in Australia are diagnosed every year with oral cancer. Early detection means early treatment and routine examinations always include examination of the oral soft tissues. Your dentist may be the first person to notice any lesions requiring further investigation.

Regular dental hygiene appointments are important for thorough and professional cleaning to maintain the appearance and well being of your teeth and avoid problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease in the future. Regular x ray examination can detect tooth decay at an early stage and prevent larger fillings or root canal treatments being necessary.

Tooth coloured composite fillings provide function and aesthetics and have the ability in most circumstances to be used in a more conservative way to metal fillings.

Root canal treatment is needed for teeth in which the pulp (the nerve and blood vessels) has become inflamed or infected. Abscesses and damage to the surrounding bone caused by infection may occur if the tooth is left untreated. The aim of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.

A badly broken down or heavily filled tooth can become weak and spoil the appearance and function of your teeth. Crowns can strengthen broken down teeth and improve aesthetics. Bridges are a series of crowns joined together to cover or close a space left by the loss of a tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionised restorative dentistry. They are artificial metal tooth roots which are inserted into the jaw bone to replace either a single or multiple missing teeth. The implant is then restored by attaching a crown by means of an abutment. Implants can also be used to secure a denture. They prevent bone loss in the jaw following the loss of a tooth and unlike bridges, do not require the cutting of adjacent teeth.

Implants and attached crowns closely mimic the look and function of real teeth.

Preventative Dentistry

Preventing damage to your child’s milk teeth is very important, as is preventing damage to adults established teeth.

Damage from trauma or inadequate care can have a profound negative effect later in life. Sugary food and drinks can play havoc with developing and established teeth, especially if the owner does not learn to take good care of them through effective brushing and flossing. We offer help and advice to you and your child on avoiding tooth decay before it can become a serious problem.

Acid erosion is an increasing problem leading to the loss of tooth enamel. We can offer advice on ways to avoid it.

Bruxism is excessive tooth grinding or clenching of the teeth which can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and cause permanent damage to the teeth and jaw joints. An occlusal splint is often recommended to prevent further damage to worn tooth surfaces. This is custom made from hard plastic and fits over the upper or lower teeth and is worn at night.

Fissure Sealants: 
Sealants are usually placed for kids with deep grooves in their adult teeth to prevent dental decay. Regular visits to the dentist are important to ensure that the sealants are intact.

Mouth guards are crucial for those who participate in contact sports. Customised mouthguards offer superior fit, comfort and protection of your teeth.

Emergency Dentistry

We understand that time is not always a luxury available to our patients. Accidents can throw up situations in which emergency treatment is the only option. On these occasions we do our utmost to attend to your urgent needs and keep you safe, comfortable and pain free.

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