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Monthly archive for October 2017

Your smile

Your smile is one of the first physical features that a person will notice; it is an important part in non-verbal communication. Smiles can show people that you are a welcoming and approachable person, creating a great first impression. However, damaged or stained teeth may discourage a

Teeth Whitening

Teeth may become stained or discoloured over a long period time. This can be caused by the consumption of wine, cola drinks, coffee and tea, food with strong pigments and smoking or chewing of tobacco. Teeth whitening, or teeth bleaching can make discoloured teeth become pearly white

Ceramic inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays are types of restorations that are used when the damage to the tooth requires more than a filling but doesn’t necessarily require a crown. They can be used to replace a larger filling that is failing, such as metal amalgam, or to restore a

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