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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to
how you brush your teeth, beyond squeezing on some toothpaste and
scrubbing back and forth. But as your dentist will tell you, how you
brush your teeth matters a great deal.
How often you brush, how long you brush, the kind of technique
and the toothbrush you use all impact on the effectiveness of your
brushing. For instance, did you know you should brush for a minimum
of two minutes, twice a day? Most people don’t come close to
brushing for that long, often brushing their teeth quickly
and distractedly.

To gain the maximum benefit from brushing your teeth, you should
brush for at least two minutes morning and night.
One fun way to make sure you spend time brushing your teeth is to
fire up your streaming service, and play your favourite pop song; kids
especially benefit from this method.

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